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Educate The Executor™ 

A new group has been set up to educate, support and inform existing or potential executors and administrators. It is also to support the bereaved and anyone that has suffered a loss.

Proud to have been awarded ‘Best Probate & Estate Administration Services Accountancy Firm 2023 – North London’

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This is the process of recording your income and expenditure accurately, through the use of accounting software. Bookkeeping services can include bolt-on services like Payroll, Auto Enrolment, CIS and VAT.

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This includes bookkeeping. Once VAT registered, you must file a VAT return every quarter to HMRC. We can support you with this and help you understand the requirements that come with being VAT registered.

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Company Accounts

Writing needs to be put here to fill this gab so that the page looks good and not stupid. Writing needs to be put here to fill this gab so that the page looks good and not stupid. Put stuff here, now, please!

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Self-Assessment presently takes the form of an annual tax return with an annual payment and two bi-annual pre-payments towards the following year. There are strict deadlines for doing this without penalties being imposed. 

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A Will makes inheritance a far quicker process and means your loved ones won’t have to wait longer than necessary to receive money. Without a Will your estate will be distributed according to the Laws of Intestacy.

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This is the process of obtaining the Grant of Probate through the courts by the executors and establishes the validity of a Will. We charge an average of 1% on the gross estate, based on circumstances.

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Practice Number: 21331

Jacqueline Tetley is licensed and regulated by AAT under licence number 5096.

Wendy Donegan, Probate & Estate Administration Client ~ 2019

My father passed away in 2016 and left his estate between three of us.  JT AccountS dealt with the Probate & Estate Administration smoothly and efficiently.  During what was an extremely tense and at times contentious period of our lives, Jacqui kept a cool head and was able to treat the situation with the sensitivity it required.

We are all extremely grateful to Jacqui for the work she did.

Artemis Kerpaci, Self-Employed ~ 2018

I would like to share with everyone my experience with working with the wonderful Jacqui at JT AccountS.

When I started working for myself, as a newly arrived person from Greece, I really didn’t know very much about the UK tax system, expectations of record keeping, invoicing and the myriad of accounting and financial matters that a self-employed person needs to undertake.  It would keep me awake at night.

Jacqui sat me down and smoothed the way for me, advising me honestly about what I should do and what information I needed to gather.  She never tried to oversell and quite to the contrary, she was always will to go the extra mile, over and beyond what she said she would deliver on.

Jacqui has a wonderful eye for detail and all her work is thorough and meticulous and she always takes the time to guide me through the numbers and all the options.

Pazbi Zavatski, Director, Some Talented People ~ 2018

I want to personally thank Jacqui and her team at JT AccountS for the outstanding work you’ve done for us over the past financial year.

As a creative person who focuses more on designing brands than understanding balance sheets, your help and advice have been invaluable.

Not only have you set us up with software that saves us hours of time in generating and tracking invoices, you’ve also managed to minimize our corporation tax.

We would most likely not have made it into our 4th year of business if we had not met you, so thank you very much for your continued support.

I will recommend you and JT AccountS to any business without hesitation.

Sherry Davies & Dan Foot, Owners/ Directors ~ 2019

JT AccountS has successfully been providing bookkeeping and accountancy services for Featherbeats Studios for the past two years.  Jacqui and the team at JT AccountS have been with us on the  journey from the moment we were established as a clothing brand to our expansion and opening as a fitness studio and gym.

The team have demonstrated professionalism and gone above and beyond with the services they provide to us, tailoring the service to what is needed for our leisure company. Featherbeats have become reliant on JT AccountS for their advice and their approach when dealing with VAT complexities and requirements and are integral in the accountancy set up of Featherbeats Studios and knowing how to push the company and brand forward for the future.

Huge appreciate goes out to Jacqui and all the team.