Daily Update Covid-19 (UK): 1st May 2020

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 “Today’s UK government daily briefing is led by Health Secretary Matt Hancock. He is joined by the UK co-ordinator of testing, Professor John Newton, and the medical director of NHS England, Professor Stephen Powis.

The UK provided more than 122,000 coronavirus tests on the last day of April, passing the government’s target, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said.

Mr Hancock said the target of 100,000 tests per day was an “audacious goal”, but testing was necessary “for getting Britain back on her feet”. The figure includes home test kits counted when they were dispatched, which may not yet have been taken.

Mr Hancock set the goal on 2 April, when the UK was on 10,000 tests a day. Some 27,510 people have now died in UK hospitals, care homes and the wider community after testing positive for coronavirus. Of the 122,347 tests provided in the 24 hours up to Friday morning, the number of people tested was fewer – at just over 70,000.

This could be down to some people having to be tested more than once. The total testing figure includes 27,497 kits which were delivered to people’s homes and also 12,872 tests that were sent out to centres such as hospitals and NHS sites.

However, these may not have been actually used or sent back to a lab. Labour’s shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth suggested the government had been misleading by counting tests that had been mailed out to people, rather than completed.

“Tonight’s headline figure shouldn’t count tests that hadn’t been used, or indeed, might never be used as a completed test,” he said.

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