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The ‘Educate The Executor™ Forum’ has been set up to educate, support and inform existing or potential executors and administrators.

It is also to support the bereaved and anyone that has suffered a loss.

Although the mechanics of this group were already in progress, the timeline was moved up due to Covid-19. It is a sad realisation that more people than ever are facing unexpected loss. 

Our overreaching message is that JT AccountS® are here to lend a helping hand.

The information released in this group will be factual at the time of writing and is given freely. 

We have created this forum as we feel that being an executor or administrator for the estate of someone who has died is a very misunderstood and misinformed area. 

We want to help demystify these roles. This forum aims to provide you with the tools to do probate yourself. Should you decide you need professional help, we are here as an option to assist you.

We welcome questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question as we will all be at very different stages of understanding when it comes to our own responsibilities and commitments. To support each other, we encourage the sharing of personal experiences and stories. Every experience is different, be it good or bad, we are happy for you to share with the group. Please be careful NEVER to post any sensitive information to this group.

If you need support through any part of this journey, we are also here for you. From understanding why your family members make the choices they do, through to losing a loved one, we have Suzanne Edgington, an expert in emotional and bereavement support. You will find her within this forum or @Holistic Edge.

If you have a moment, please LIKE our Facebook Page JT AccountS’ Educate The Executor. Help us to reach and help as many people as we can.

When it comes to probate, many of us are more than competent enough to manage the process themselves. However, we recognise that this journey begins with the loss of a person who for many of you will be a family member or close friend and at this time your state of mind will be in a very different place. 

We will eventually deliver Educate The Executor™ with face to face sessions, to a wide demographic. Until we can do this, we aim to provide useful information on what it means to be an executor, the differences between a lay and professional executor and the duties this imposes.

Being an executor is, despite being easily appointed, an extremely responsible complex and obligating position that most executors do not appreciate until far too late.  Our information will benefit not only active executors, but those that know they already are named as executors, and those considering who to choose when making their will.

We will include what happens if you are an executor and don’t want to be and what to do if the named executors have already passed themselves or can’t be traced. 

It is essential to recognise that Wills can be created at any time during the lifetime of the deceased, and many are not reviewed regularly. Ego, life goes on, and the information contained within someone’s Will changes. Educate The Executors™ will explain what can be done when this happens.

We will explain the different types of probate, what you can expect if you do this yourself or engage a professional. How you can make this simpler if you do this yourself and what you can expect to pay by using a professional but also what you can expect to gain.

Finally, we hope to reach individuals without a Will and our administrators; dealing with the estate of a person who has died intestate. The duties of being an administrator are not dissimilar to an executor, and the process of gaining probate will also apply.

We will also inform on other topics such as:

  • The types of gifts left in a Will
  • What happens if those gifts are no longer in existence
  • Tax issues and timelines
  • Trusts
  • Nil rate bands and when they can be used
  • Potentially Exempt Transfers (PET)
  • Chargeable Lifetime Transfers (CLT)
  • And more…..

If there is something you would like to know about, please ask.


The information is provided freely and is factual and correct at the time of publication.

We cannot be held responsible for changes to this information due to legislation or case law after the fact. However, JT AccountS® will always endeavour to update our information.

Formal advice will only be given where we have a formal letter of engagement in place. 

Every case is individual. We are happy to help anyone who needs it but always encourage you to seek the help of a professional if you are not sure you understand the information given.

Wherever possible links to official guidance from The Probate Registry and HMRC will be included. 

About This Artical:

Although the mechanics of this group were already in progress, the timeline was moved up due to Covid-19. It is a sad realisation that more people than ever are facing unexpected loss. 

Please get in contact if you have any questions, as all of the JT AccountS® services are still fully operations. Our staff are remotely working from home and can support you within this time.

Other Educate The  Executor™ Information:

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