Maro Iordanou

UW as a company is award winning and Maro, whose purpose I believe is much aligned to my own ‘to effortlessly be of service’.

Meet Maro of UW

I have to say Maro, as a person holds my utmost respect. Despite deeply challenging personal tragedy in 2020, this woman, continues through her church, our network and however she can, to put others first. She reaches out to anyone who is struggling financially, emotionally, and personally – her compassion truly knows no boundaries.

Many of you may recognise the name. Yes, Maro works for JT AccountS® part-time, she is an indispensable team member who fills the role of AMLRO (anti-money laundering reporting officer) and Marketing Executive within the practise.

Maro’s main business, however, is as a partner of the newly rebranded UW, Utility Warehouse which is how we first discovered each other back in 2017. Maro and her husband Jordan run this business together and have successfully saved people thousands of pounds off their gas, electric, mobile, broadband and telephone bills.

UW operate a one bill for all services taken policy and monthly direct debit, which on a personal note I find extremely appealing.

It is important to recognise, however, that you do not need to take all the services to obtain a benefit, it is choice. Also, do not see current contracts as a restriction to investigating your options as you may qualify to be bought out of your current contracts. They cannot help everyone immediately, but it is worth the discussion.

UW as a company is award winning, having again secured the Which? Utilities Brand of the Year 2020, among others. They are strong on customer service, and Maro amplifies this at every opportunity. Once you become a customer it does not stop there. UW are continually improving their service provision and when something new is introduced that can save you even more money Maro is on the phone to let you know.

Currently it is unlimited mobile sims, previously it was their new Green tariff which offered further reductions on gas and electricity.

UW also offer home insurance and boiler & home maintenance insurance to existing customers also well as a cashback card that provides even further savings on your household bills when using the card to shop normally for anything else.

UW is not just a money saving tool for household bills, which is extremely valuable; holding their tariffs when other recognised providers are increasing them; it also offers a fantastic business opportunity to people who might benefit from a second or third source of income in these trying times and Maro is happy to guide you through this.

Maro, whose purpose I believe is much aligned to my own ‘to effortlessly be of service’, just wants to help! Yes, she is a business, and yes, her and Jordan, will earn from converting you to a customer of UW. However, whilst she is in the process of saving you money, what she will also do during March is donate the commission she receives for you becoming a new customer to charity – specifically klasp in Enfield

I feel enormously privileged to know this woman and count her among friends. Maro, is more than worthy of being the Issue 1 case study for JT AccountS® Trusted Network Partners.

You may see some blogs on our website in future from Maro, directly, as well as mentions on our Facebook Page.

Two years into my switch to UW I did an analysis exercise on what I would have paid if I had not changed. At that time, which was May 2020, I had saved £1418.58.

If you to want to save some money on your household bills, you cannot go far wrong by having a free review with Maro.

Here is the link to her website

and her Facebook

However, I would be delighted to make a personal introduction to Maro, if that is what you prefer.

Jacqui Tetley