What does Certainty mean?

Published Date: 6th June 2019


What does that mean to us here at JT AccountS?

There comes a point in most people’s lives when they start to think about planning for their later years and eventually for when they leave this life, especially if they have dependants. For some, that will be a fleeting thought that keeps popping up every so often only to be pushed back time and time again until they are ready to deal with it or indeed they have the time to do so.  So they carry on as normal all the while hoping that none of it is needed for some time yet.  For others who have experienced the impact that ill-health, old age and even the death of a loved one brings, the reality hits home sooner and they will seek advice and act upon it.

Planning for illness, old age and death can be a daunting task but with the right professional advice this can be made easier. Knowing what to do and when and how and then doing something about it brings a sense of relief of its own because the reality is that death comes to us all and being prepared puts you in control. Getting your finances in order, allowing for lifetime gifts, planning for inheritance tax and how you may be able to minimise this, making a Will and also provisioning for your later years as well as your end of life expenses encapsulates everything that the word ‘Certainty’ means to us here at JT AccountS and we provide advice and services to support all of these.  All in one place.


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