Welcome to JT AccountS®

Established over fifteen years ago by Jacqui Tetley, JT AccountS® is a small, modern, and energetic accountancy practice, supporting start-ups, established businesses, and individuals, delivering a full range of Accounting, Taxation, and Certainty services. We have expanded our range of services in response to the needs of our customers, and will continue to allow our services to grow and evolve with your business or individual needs.

It is our calling to see that you achieve your personal and financial goals with your own successes, and we will help to improve your profitability through the use of accurate and useful financial information.

Primarily, we work from our own offices in collaboration with you online, but are flexible. When required, we have a network of other professionals with specialist expertise we can work with.

The best way to find out who we are and what we are about is to meet with us. We will be pleased to discuss your business and personal aspirations and show you how we can make a positive and valuable contribution.

Please note our initial consultation is completely free of charge and with no obligation.

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Accounting, Taxation & Certainty Specialist

About The Founder

Jacqui Tetley, business woman, wife, mum to two wonderful children and a dog, continues to expand her knowledge, skills and team, and aspires to offer quality, value for money, and professionalism in everything she and her practice offers.

Jacqui started working life in the offices of a variety of companies, learning quickly how to fine tune wasteful processes, and that organisation, efficiency, and paperwork were a good fit for her.

Following employment in a busy accounts department over ten years ago, Jacqui decided to train as a bookkeeper, then as an accountant, and now runs a successful practice in Enfield, Middlesex – where her clients are key.

Since starting her practice, Jacqui has discovered a real enjoyment helping new businesses to start and grow, and has chosen to specialise in small businesses such as Ltd, Partnerships, Sole Traders, and individuals.

More recently Jacqui has successfully expanded in to later life services, and is now offering a suite of Certainty products; Wills LPA’s and Probate.

JT AccountS is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome everyone through our door. We are determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment. Click here to view our diversity data.