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There is a lot of information being thrown around when is comes to the financial support you can get from the goverment to assist yourself or your business through Covid-19.

Although many new legislations have come through, the process of implementing them are not as simple and this is the time to read up on the correct information to prepare for peace of mind.

Each Bank is at a different stage and so are dealing with their clients in slightly different ways. 

JT AccountS® advise you to check out your loans, mortgages and personal investments with your bank or lender. They will have up to date information on how they can support you with these financial worries. 

Find Your Banks Coronavirus Support Page Here:

If your bank is not here, let us know, we want to keep this page up to date.


Barclays said: “To help us support those who are in most urgent need, we’d ask you to check the information below (on their page) first, and only call if you have an immediate financial problem that can’t wait.”

Barclays Coronavirus Support Page is pretty easy to navigate on a pc or laptop, with everything you should need assessable. Any forms are also easy to fill in.


NatWest has said: “We want to support you, but to allow us to focus on the customers who need us most, we ask that you help us by only contacting us if your enquiry is really urgent. Due to our phone lines being so busy, the line may be silent while you’re waiting to get through.”

NatWest has an easy to use support page, with a lot of information targeted at all type of businesses and individuals.

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank has said: “As the impact of coronavirus is felt across the UK, you may have concerns about how it could affect you and your money. Your peace of mind is still our top priority. So, we’ve put in place some additional support and information to help.”

Lloyds has a fully equipped page to help you navigate through the support offered.


Santander said: “Prepare & Prevent for Peace of Mind.”

We could not find a Covid-19 specific page, however they do have two pages linking to the current Global pandemic.

Tips: We know things are uncertain at the moment, so we want to reassure you that we’re here to help you. Take a look at our list of tips and information to help you manage your money.

Mortgage payment holiday: If you pay your mortgage by Direct Debit, you can apply for a mortgage payment holiday online.


Metro has said: Our main concern is the safety of our customers and colleagues, and we will update this page if anything changes.

Although simple the Metro support page is being updated regularly and has enough information to support you with the questions you have.


HSBC has said: We know many of you are worried about how your finances might be affected by coronavirus. To help you through these uncertain times, we’re working hard to make sure you have the guidance and support you need.

HSBC has a easy to use informative page to help guide to through your financial journey.


Nationwide has said: “Please only visit us in branch or call us if it’s absolutely necessary.

Nationwide have a simple page, which makes it easy to find the information and support you need.

The Co-Operative Bank

Co-Operative Bank has said: If you’re worried about your finances during this challenging time, we’re here to support you.

Co-Operative Bank has a fully informative page and contact options should you not be able to find what your looking for.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland has said: We understand that these are uncertain times, and many of you may be worried. If you’re concerned about being affected financially or being unable to get to the branch due to coronavirus, we’re here to help. We will use this page to let you know of what help and support is available, and to give you updates on our services.

The bank has a easy to use page, all information is findable to understandable.


Halifax has said: Your peace of mind is still our top priority. So, we’ve put in place some additional support and information to help.

There is alot of information is get through, however the page is easy to use and being updated regularly.

TSB Bank

TSB has said: We understand our customers may be worried about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and wanted to reassure you that we’re here to help you with any financial concerns you may have. If you are worried about your financial situation, please get in touch. The earlier you talk to us, the sooner we can help.

There is alot of information on the page. Take is slow as what you are looking for will be here.

About This Artical:

Covid-19 has impacted everyone on a different level, this article should help individuals and businesses understand the official UK government implementation to support the economy and individual livelyhoods.

We will updated all articles on a daily basis with new information or changes that come into play.

Please get in contact if you have any questions, as all of the JT AccountS® services are still fully operations. Our staff are remotely working from home and can support you within this time.

Other Covid-19 Information:

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